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    Shake up YOUR world with better, cleaner energy. Supercharged energy
Molecules can only spin in one of 2 directions: One weakens, one energizes.
Prove it in a single second with BDORT or QRA testing, it works every time

Electricity steals free electrons, making every life-form test weak.
No need to believe this: Learn to test in a minute, at QRA.me

Nothing in the world is as powerful as the new supercharging technology:
Indestructible in mineral form, expected to pour energy... 200,000+ years.
Cared for, the supercharged laser is rated for up to 8,000 hours of use.
All supercharged minerals are expected to produce energy forever.
Whatever they touch: Unconditionally guaranteed to test strong

Jumboze QVial - $610 each - For a limited time, Buy One, Get 5 Sets Of Torroids as bonus!
For a bit of self-indulgence, one Jumboze for each side of the body: 2 Jumboze for $987
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For self-indulgence, one Jumboze on each side of the body. Generous discount.
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Supercharging against electrical pollution (emf) is the wisest way to begin remediating electrical radiation
Of all the putatively cute things you ever learn in your life, good luck finding one closer than this to 'critical:'

Knowing how to do the easy, SIMPLE one-second energy test
can heavily influence how long and how well you might live.

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Foodboosters - $34

NO EXCEPTIONS: EVERY food & beverage near electricity is blanketed with emf radiation,
which blocks the nutritious energy within from being delivered to your body. So, you eat too much.

A single second or two of contact with FoodBoosters reverses pollution into benefit.
Getting more energy from food may SIGNIFICANTLY impact how much food you need.

The #1 feedback on FoodBoosters is still "Less food needed"  

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As the number of supercharging devices grew, so too did the number of frequencies embedded in them.
As of May, 2016, MisterShortcut successfully identified, proved, and embedded 4,674 beneficial frequencies.

Supercharged Laser - Practitioner's Model - $377 - lowered to $233

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Beginner's Supercharged Laser

Supercharged Lasers - Psychology of Longevity
Supercharged Laser - $144

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Torroids - The world's first (and still only) PROVABLE anti-emf devices
for cell phones and fuse boxes, SmartMeters, TV's, computers,
along with all other electrical or battery-operated devices.

No need to believe it: Test with QRA and BDORT
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Even those who claim, truthfully or otherwise, to compete, cost several TIMES more!

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Place TWO Torroids on your fusebox:
The value of using the one-second energy test can hardly be overstated!

Why tolerate an environment where electrical pollution weakens thyroid, parathyroid,
pineal gland, brain points, food, clothing, bed linens, animals, and so much more?

Supercharge everything - nothing can neutralize or ruin these minerals!

Learn more, to live more: We Share Master Secrets Of The Universe
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BrainLifters!   Money-back guaranteed!
Every brain point tests strong within a single second, or your money back!

World's First Supercharged Minerals - Last Forever

Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic Minerals You Touch To The Top Of Your Head (Not eaten), plus ormus,
for the piezo-electric effect we ALL benefit from, with all points testing strong - GUARANTEED!

Make EVERY brain point test strong. Use BDORT or QRA testing, works every time.
Temporarily Strengthens Every Energy Meridian In Any Mammal
World's first provable supercharging technology, for everyone!

QVials, plus 11 brain frequencies embedded into the minerals = BrainLifters
No medical claims, only that each brain point is guaranteed to test stronger.
Using any of the most common tests, including BDORT, CRA, QRA, even kinesiology,
and every single time, you get a money-back guarantee: Brain will test strong. Always!

No maintenance, no recharging, don't break it,
and your BrainLifters last FOREVER.

        Guaranteed to reverse EMF (electrical) pollution, and instantly proven.

        No food, animal, or item is immune to this powerful positive energy.

        Contents last forever, can't be electrically embedded, or irradiated

        All food, beverages, and more, guaranteed to pass BDORT/QRA

        No need to 'believe' in coherent energy: Do a one-second test

        When you get more energy from food, you need less, true?

        Makes every molecule of everything it touches test strong

        BrainLifters emit negative ions/brain-match frequencies

        More cell strength means more uptake of all nutrition

        Organs, glands, tissue, and function, stronger now

        Among the greatest discoveries in human history

        Instantly testable, instantly proven BrainLifters!

        Helps the body to reverse most food allergies

        Eight technologies combined to hypercharge

        Instant strength for all brain and body points

        Your MD Should Be Considering BrainLifters!

        The gift of a lifetime, to last far beyond a lifetime

        Using any good energy test, instant proof of a strong test

        No exception: Anything touched by BrainLifters tests strong

  7x what is needed. If glass breaks, scoop it, put it into glass

        The closest thing to a battery for humans, & it lasts forever!

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  Highly recommend trying on pain points of any animal

Never mind having to wait for months to notice changes:
Use BrainLifters, to see what happens in your first week.
It's why memory or IQ tests are good, (before and after).

  Out of control child? Try BrainLifters on top of head for 30 to 60 seconds.
Can be repeated literally without limit, every "side effect" is positive, beneficial

  EVERYONE is scared of something. Hold Brainlifters on top of head (GV20 point) for 60 seconds.
Think of whatever it is that usually scares you the most, and see how you respond to this self-therapy.
By doing this 3x or more per day, see how permanently you can affect your mind over the coming weeks.

There is much, MUCH more that Brainlifters can do for us:
Test and experience it for yourself

  EVERY human can use memory boosting. Money-back guarantee that BrainLifters can help.


Have MD Monitor Med-Lowering, Because BrainLifters Influence Uptake!

Imagine earth-based minerals that help your MD to titrate down (lower) your meds!

Imagine no more, because BrainLifters help your doctor do exactly and just that.

If you are diabetic, and follow a few TINY, HUGE rules, you win.
Stop eating high-glycemic foods. It's just that life-saving.
Add chromium, vanadium, cinammon to your daily diet.
Within weeks, these steps alone can help your M.D.
Using BrainLifters can support these other steps.
Combined, we continue to see many successes.
Would you NOT love to eliminate insulin shots?
See how your MD chooses, based on his/her tests.
Belief has no place in health or medicine, only testing.
Combining ancient wisdom with modern technology is potent.
The more we learn, the wiser our decisions most often tend to be.
Countless thousands of diabetics have removed diabetes from their bodies.

When full energy is released from food when pollution is reversed, we tend to need less food.
Energy blocked from coming out of food because of electrical pollution is easy to test & prove.
When you uptake your nutrition more efficiently, your body proves to need less of the medication.
Ask your doctor to measure these differences, because they tend to take place rapidly and effectively
These are not medical claims, BrainLifters do not heal or cure: WHATEVER THEY TOUCH tests strong.

Whether you are getting the most from your meds, or food, or supplements, changes are notable.
Even more exciting, effects of BrainLifters are cumulative, some energy is used, some is stored.
From the brain trust that invented the world's first supercharged cold laser, Torroids, & more

The world's first PROVABLY supercharged minerals - Prove it yourself with BDORT or QRA
Supercharging Devices

EVERYTHING near electricity is instantly polluted, and weakened by it,
preventing its inherent good energy from being delivered to any of us.

Foodboosters are only half the size of the smallest one in the photo above...
yet everything they touch is guaranteed to test strong w/ BDORT and QRA testing.

The world's first and only instant, provable, natural energy source, and anti-emf device
It takes just ONE-SECOND for you to do QRA testing.   Proof is better than belief.   Test!

ONE second of contact with the supercharged laser beam is enough to supercharge anything & everything on earth.
NOTHING ON EARTH is immune to the power of supercharging, guaranteed to test strong with even very brief contact!

             Click these links to learn more about the world's first, ONLY PROVABLE supercharging  -   Proof is better than belief

Helen Keller said that life is either an exciting adventure... or it's nothing at all.
Valedictorian of her high school class, graduated college summa cum laude,
wrote three best-selling books, and, towards the end of her life, said,
"I invested 54 years serving people who have had less than me."

When cogitating on 'supercharging a life,' consider this fact:

Helen Keller could not see, speak, or hear.

What are YOU waiting for?

Supercharging your phones and fuseboxes & more, or supercharging your life,
less talking and more doing is the most magical cornerstone of supercharging!

Use the one-second energy test, such as shared at QRA.me and Bidigitally.com,
because proof is better than belief!   This IS your most accurate test

Supercharging is a brand-new technology,
designed primarily to defeat EMF pollution
Too many hams & scams without any proof.

Enter MisterShortcut, and instant supercharging of everything.
Money-back guarantee: EVERYTHING tests strong using BDORT or QRA

Supercharging Headquarters For Life Energy - Nothing is more powerful than proof
Supercharging every food & drink in a single second, the proof is instant, too.

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Get your supercharging devices immediately, to block EMF pollution, and add from unending energy.

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We humans cannot learn less about anything.       Our wisest choice is to learn more, in order to live more

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Welcome to the world's headquarters for Supercharging,
compliments of MisterShortcut and YOUR Psychology of Longevity
Supercharging exists to empower people to better empower themselves.
Use supercharging for free via megaphotons images. See Megaphotons.com.

You can learn more about supercharging. EMF pollution merits your study!
With respect to each aspect of supercharging, "Proof supersedes opinion!"

Megaboosters - the most amazing substance on earth?
Anything and anyone touched by Megaboosters is guaranteed to pass BDORT & QRA!